Billy Konrad
"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured."
B.K.S. Iyengar
  • There is a long, rich tradition of yoga and practice running through B.K.S. Iyengar. And there is a long line of teachers standing behind him, dedicated to the dissemination and sharing of all that he has discovered in his more than 70 years of uninterrupted practice. Billy occupies a single spot in this line, and he hopes to share with others what his teachers so graciously shared with him.

    After receiving a Master's Degree in Education, then teaching High School literature and history for a number of years in Vermont, Billy returned to San Francisco in the late 90s to further his studies in Yoga. Since then, he has committed himself to the pursuit of that craft - as a student, practitioner, and instructor. Billy now lives with his family on the coast near Lisbon, Portugal.

    What to Expect:

    "You are the problem; you are also the solution."

    This is the fundamental teaching laid out in all the major texts from the Vedic tradition. As individuals lacking knowledge, we create endless dissatisfaction in our mind by mis-identifying the truth of our existence as something much less than it actually is. Out of innocence and insecurity, we generate a facsimile of a 'self' — call it a personality, or an ego — which grows and solidifies around a foundation of misperception. Further confusion and agitation spread in the mind. Physical and emotional energies dilute and disperse. Our natural vitality distorts and wanes. Various diseases and pain manifest in various physical and psychological systems. Our suffering and ignorance deepens. And in this way, 'We are the problem'.

    The practice of Yoga is a dedicated, deliberate endeavor to reverse this process. It unfolds in three stages. 1) We bring the body and its systems up from disease to functional health; stopping the sick body from pulling down on the mind. 2) The body and its systems are sharpened and vitalised into a vibrant and efficient working order; giving some initial sense of space and leisure to the mind. 3) The practice itself becomes an instrument to further culture, calm and clarify the mind; leading toward a contemplative disposition able to effectively re-examine and reconsider the deep nature of existence abiding in the self. And in this way, 'We are the solution'.

    Swami Dayananda wrote: 'Life is for adventure and exploration.' No doubt the decision we face daily — choosing between being the problem, or the solution — will lay down the texture and details of this adventure. May we choose wisely, and enjoy the ride.

    What to bring:

    An empty belly. An open mind. Tights or shorts.
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